A Summary to a History

(A man in a suit and fedora stands before you, leaning on an axe. Despite a blank face, you feel waves of incidental hostility flow over you)

Good Evening.

I see…my lazy landlord thinks I am a party to his sloth. Surely he did not expect to get away with…such words so easily. Has he ever run over by a bus? Perhaps he should…refrain from giving the experience to others, lest he receive it himself…

Perhaps he does not know how tirelessly I have worked to make the internet my home. Perhaps he does not know how hard I have worked to SHAPE THE INTERNET IN MY OWN IMAGE. I do not receive from him the respect I am due. Just look at this previous shoddily made attempt at describing my past. It was so bad I had to cut it off before he…damaged my reputation

Perhaps he is just…ignorant. Perhaps I must…more explicitly narrate my own achievements. The video above alluded to them. Have you wondered…the origins of the Nyan Cat? They are much darker than the feline would have you believe.

I do not wish to…spoil the seamless barrage of strikes against my landlord. For now I leave you with…this preview, one of many that I will demonstrate and weave together into a…truly worthy tale of my history.

Morlium Cats

I am not here to judge, only to state what is.

All Thine Bases of Operation

(A man in a suit and fedora stand before you, leaning on an axe)

Good Evening.

Many years ago, I found myself…in a world unlike…any I had ever experienced before. Trapped, I struggled to learn how I might…reach out again to this world. I have taken the liberty of…recreating one such attempt.

Morlium Cats

As you may have…imagined, my first attempt did not go over as well as I hoped. However, my actions sparked a…chain of events moving forward. It turns out my unique position has afforded me many opportunities to…make history.

The above recreation was created by…taking a marked up version of the picture and…undoing the embellishments made by the artist. It turns out that MS paint’s eschewing of solid brushes is…convenient for attempting to add depth to such adornments as bow ties.

I am not here to judge, only to state what is.

The Blame Game, Week 12 in Review

There is a lot of blame to go around this week. Let us hope the pattern does not continue.

As with many weeks, a combination of procrastination and being-out-of-town-leading-up-to-the-weekend has gotten me into trouble again. Direction for this portion of blame? Squarely here. And Morlium. Let’s throw him under the bus since he isn’t here right now.

Of course, others should not suffer from my bad work habits.

I would like to take a moment to criticize the FCC. They are never there when you need them. I blame all of my audio quality on them. They may not deserve the blame (actually, they most certainly do not), but that won’t keep me from trying!….not very well…because I told you they are actually doing a sufficient job for my needs…

While I am on the subject of chewing people out, I would like to assign some more blame squarely where it belongs. We are lucky I am here today writing this post.

Finally, I do not know who to blame for this debacle. Ship designers? Navigators? Script writers? Random people with internet and image ediitng software? When the best of the best can’t take down a planet-sized gorilla, we have a problem.

Mixing and Mashing has proven to be an interesting take on the assignments in this class. They feel like previous assignments, but a lot mor involved to come up with a sufficient idea and working to make the details work.


We’re Going Down!

For this mashup assignment, we had to take two iconic movie scenes and mash them together.

My inexperience with media in general is a detriment to this assignment. Iconic movie scenes? None ring a bell.

I ultimately did find a scene I thought would be appropriate to mashup, this movie poster of a scene with the Enterprise crashing down to earth gives a plot of action and a convenient blank space to work a little magic, something where inserting something won’t make it seem crowded because if anything, the space is TOO blank.


So what to put into it? I didn’t think much of the movie itself, so why don;t we insert something that pokes fun at the plot? The Enterprise is crashing, so why not give it a reason to crash? I considered putting in a spaceship from some other series, like a star destroye, but ultimately decided that would be too expected. So, to keep with a somewhat comedic feel here, I bent the rules of the assignment and swiped an object from what I consider an iconic opening scene of one of the better TV shows to travel the airwaves:

So, I brought up powerpoint, indserted the movie poster in a slide, then a picture of the barrel monkey from the futurama wiki. Thanks to the raltively constant background, powerpoint had no trouble removing the background of the photo when I inserted it into the slide. Just to keep some perspective, I also tilted the image slightly. The end result:

Monkey Trek
I was relatively happy with the end product. I considered darkening the gorilla and planet to make it fit in better with the dark colors of the movie, but I also wanted to keep the lighter cartoony feel that the brighter colors provided. The ship is central, but the brighter color almost demands attention, but it is small enough to get second notice.

Status of the FCC

For this assignment, I decided to do the Status Report assignment.

The remix I got was to change the media. A status report is usually written, but I could forsee one being done with audio. So, I warmed up audacity, cobbled together a script, hit the record button, and trimmed a couple awkward points via click, drag, and delete key.

The rough thing about remixing this assignment is that, as stated above, most audits are done on some readable content. This is so the subject can easily refer back to the report and quickly pinpoint areas of improvement. I wanted to have a good reason for doing this assignment in another media. That’s when I realized I could use my low-quality recording capabilities to get someone in trouble…

Audit reports are no fun when everything is hunky-dory. I am relatively happy I found a main issue to bore into with the FCC. The idea of letting them hear the ‘interference’ I felt was a great way to justify giving them an audit via audio.

Vacation on a Desert Island

On hitting the mashup button, I got the “Jump Opposer” mashup, which states that I need t write an opposite version of the assignment, one that has the opposite of the intended effect.

Let us write a nightmarish view of Welcome to Paradise.

Well good sir, you have done it again. You have truly done it again. I don’t know how you managed to unbuckle both our seatbelts, pull the emergency exit handle, and grab me while you were being sucked out the airplane all in one fluid motion, but you sir, are apparently amazing at multitasking.

Now here we are, stranded on a miniature sand island in the middle of the ocean. Seriously, I thought these things only existed in comics! At least the comic islands had a little palm tree for shade, we are less lucky than that!

At any rate, at least the airline has a good idea of where we jumped plane. If we are lucky, a pontoon plane will find us before we die of thirst. That will likely take a few days.

So now that we have so drastically changed our vacation setting, what do we have to look forward to? Sunburn. Lots of sunburn. An sand mites. Seriously, this is a desert island in the middle of the ocean! Why is there any living thing on this island?!? Do the sandmites get a steady flow of unfortunate souls to keep their population thriving?  Will we find piles upon piles of bones 3 inches under the sand?

Brilliant move sir, simply brilliant.

So, the opposite of a dream vacation is obviously a nightmare vacation. I still wanted to keep a certain comedic feel about it. The emotion calculator (made up by me) says terror + comedy = incredulity. So that is the tone I was going for.

On continuing down the comedy line, I recalled all the Far-Side comics I have seen set with some number of people stranded on an island. This aligned with the vacation stereotype of a beach vacation, so I took it and ran.

Week 11 in Review

We will go right out and say it. I messed up badly this week. In searching for ds106 week 11 assignments, I came across:


as the first google hit for “ds106 week 11”. Perhaps I should have noticed the 2013 in the url, or the really small date given right-justified above the post, but the twitter feed is connected to our class, and I did not register anything until Thursday night when I remembered last week’s assignments alluded to more stars of video assignments…

After a full day of work and some 95 traffic, I came home with enough time to put together some comments and a hastily assembled documentary.

Hopefully next week goes a little better.

All About Morlium

Who is Morlium? This video gives all that we can share about him.

Putting together the video was an arduous task. I first had to outline how the documentary would transition, then find clips and pictures appropriate to the narrative arc. I was able to extract general clips from youtube videos using clipconverter. I found the clips and pictures, but had to split them into enough pieces using Windows Movie Maker to give some change to the scene. Once I had a workable video, I again recorded a voice overlay on audacity while watching the movie. I stripped the sound out of the nature clips and reduced the volume of the static clips using the Video Volume option in Windows Movie-maker.

All in all, this is admittedly a rush job. I was unable to find some clips that I wanted, such as a first person view of running through the woods or some computer-modeling animation, both of course devoid of context-specific details. As a result, I had to make due with what I could find in the time available.