WWII Back in the day…

Now listen here, in the Great War, some days you rode the tanks, and some days the tanks rode you. We almost bit off more than we could chew on D-Day, and had things gone a little differently, our Red Cross Parcels might have started including water wings. People forget that storming and shooting wasn’t the only way to clear the beaches of the enemy. Some of us had the great luxury of driving the enemy away through more…unorthodox means. Its easy to double the size of your army in short order when half of it is made of rubber and plywood. Problem is, there recon had months to see we were preparing something, so we needed more than just Q-Fields to keep em distracted. The only thing going in our favor was that we had finally gotten a handle over the skies of Britain, meaning they could only look at us through a lens from about 8 miles up.


Picture Courtesy of Histomil.com from user Sniper1946

Had this photo been published during the war, whoever published it would have been court marshaled. Amphibious assaults are dangerous, but one thing we were able to do was keep em guessin about where the main force was gonna land. That is where our unit came in. From generating fake radio traffic to shufflin stuff around to make it look like stuff moved since the last recon plane, we got to do the work of a whole division, because we had to look like one.

A day in the life of a luckier version of myself

9:00am: Alarm is blaring. Remembering the weather reports, I peek out the blinds (without leaving my covers, mind you). The parking lot is covered in sheet ice. I put my head back on my pillow and go back to sleep.

11:00am: after much yawning, stretching, and internal dialogue, I finally conclude it would be wise to get out of bed. I drag myself out of bed and prepare for the day, read the paper, etc.

12:30pm: Well, looks like campus food is nonexistent. Fortunately, my roommate has informed me that a bunch of people are making lunch at the Catholic Student Center, followed by a movie, some superhero movie I haven’t seen yet provided by my roommate.

4:00pm: After lunch, movie, and some very interesting conversation, we return to our room with some friends, and start some friendly competition of video games. There goes the evening…homework for the next day has been pushed back according to e-mails, and the campus probably won;t be open the next day. Maybe the next day we will all be on the same page again, and I can revel in another day free from obligations.

10:00pm:people are starting to leave,