The Penultimate Week

Crazy stuff is happening this week. What with a ton of final projects being due.

Morlium told me the final project was due this Friday. He has been having me create a lot of set pieces, taking video, all sorts of crazy stuff. Fortunately, I learned Wednesday evening that the due date is listed as next week. That made the week slightly less ridiculous.


While Morlium is getting stuff together, I have been doing some upkeep of my own. I submitted a daily create idea, and also worked on writing a brand new assignment.

I also thought back on some assignments I did, and realized I enjoyed one particular assignment so much that I rewrote my explanation for it as a tutorial.

Morlium has left a couple of things lying around, such as this:

Morlium Abe

I overheard him muttering something about the last time he wore a tophat (now he wears a fedora), and being mistaken for Abraham Lincoln. Must be the tophat + axe combination.

Well, my exams are stacked at the front of the week, leaving some solid chunks of time for Morlium and me to finish up whatever he has in mind. We will see you then!

A Summary to a History

(A man in a suit and fedora stands before you, leaning on an axe. Despite a blank face, you feel waves of incidental hostility flow over you)

Good Evening.

I see…my lazy landlord thinks I am a party to his sloth. Surely he did not expect to get away with…such words so easily. Has he ever run over by a bus? Perhaps he should…refrain from giving the experience to others, lest he receive it himself…

Perhaps he does not know how tirelessly I have worked to make the internet my home. Perhaps he does not know how hard I have worked to SHAPE THE INTERNET IN MY OWN IMAGE. I do not receive from him the respect I am due. Just look at this previous shoddily made attempt at describing my past. It was so bad I had to cut it off before he…damaged my reputation

Perhaps he is just…ignorant. Perhaps I must…more explicitly narrate my own achievements. The video above alluded to them. Have you wondered…the origins of the Nyan Cat? They are much darker than the feline would have you believe.

I do not wish to…spoil the seamless barrage of strikes against my landlord. For now I leave you with…this preview, one of many that I will demonstrate and weave together into a…truly worthy tale of my history.

Morlium Cats

I am not here to judge, only to state what is.

The Blame Game, Week 12 in Review

There is a lot of blame to go around this week. Let us hope the pattern does not continue.

As with many weeks, a combination of procrastination and being-out-of-town-leading-up-to-the-weekend has gotten me into trouble again. Direction for this portion of blame? Squarely here. And Morlium. Let’s throw him under the bus since he isn’t here right now.

Of course, others should not suffer from my bad work habits.

I would like to take a moment to criticize the FCC. They are never there when you need them. I blame all of my audio quality on them. They may not deserve the blame (actually, they most certainly do not), but that won’t keep me from trying!….not very well…because I told you they are actually doing a sufficient job for my needs…

While I am on the subject of chewing people out, I would like to assign some more blame squarely where it belongs. We are lucky I am here today writing this post.

Finally, I do not know who to blame for this debacle. Ship designers? Navigators? Script writers? Random people with internet and image ediitng software? When the best of the best can’t take down a planet-sized gorilla, we have a problem.

Mixing and Mashing has proven to be an interesting take on the assignments in this class. They feel like previous assignments, but a lot mor involved to come up with a sufficient idea and working to make the details work.


Week 11 in Review

We will go right out and say it. I messed up badly this week. In searching for ds106 week 11 assignments, I came across:

as the first google hit for “ds106 week 11”. Perhaps I should have noticed the 2013 in the url, or the really small date given right-justified above the post, but the twitter feed is connected to our class, and I did not register anything until Thursday night when I remembered last week’s assignments alluded to more stars of video assignments…

After a full day of work and some 95 traffic, I came home with enough time to put together some comments and a hastily assembled documentary.

Hopefully next week goes a little better.

The week I did not sit back and watch TV…

Morlium is busy prepping his showcase for Monday, so he balked when I asked him to cover for me again. Here I am then…

This week went moderately well. Aside from getting 65% my normal sleep allowance, tons of homework, etc. Fortunately, this week was a little lighter in this class.

So the theme was video assignments. As with audio, I had no experience with editing video. As a result, I had to play a lot of things by ear. Frotunately, Morlium dug up an old clip of him back before he started out as a horror host, which got me part of the way there.

I also took the opportunity to show off some of my impressive skills.

On viewing the various weekly vieos/readings, I found it especially interesting that the blogger legitimately complained about a generalized modern media. Similar to how the writer on design noted that too many fonts are a plague, so to was it noted that many modern movies do a poor job properly mixing video and audio.

See you Monday for the review!

Week 9, (yes, that is…what I will call this)

(A man with a suit and fedora stands before you, leaning on an axe)

Good evening. We will both be out tomorrow, so we are posting this slightly early.

I would say my landlord is….abusing my presence. He used me so often this week, even with commenting, that I stated “Well why do I not just write the weekly summary as well?” To my…infinite sorrow, he took me up on my facetious suggestion. Being serious all the time has…serious drawbacks at times.

The week was not all bad, however, I was able to connect with some friends for dinner. It may have gone quickly, but I like to think we…communicated our characters well.

Speaking of good character communication, I had a run-in with Spooksy. I trust he ironed out the…difficulties he was having.

In attempts to work out a different arrangement with my landlord, I have been forced to attempt to take on contracting work. Needless to say, I am glad I do not have to go through your healthcare system for the types of ailments I experience.

It was difficult getting to see the radio shows. My landlord has…obligations on his evenings, planned well in advance. He has good access to internet, but not necessarily at exactly day X on hour Y. Nevertheless, he was able to force an availability Thursday evening, where he reflected on the evening’s radio broadcast. Perhaps he should be less busy?

I am not here to judge, only to say what is.



Week’s Undoing

This week was Fall Break. All I will say is that not having a serious internet connection for 4 days at home is a serious detriment to completing everything. Not that I would necessarily want to work over Fall Break anyways (what with it being a break and all). The radio assignment did go better than expected, as it really came together in the end.

Here is the summary

As part of the week, I also made sure to do some commenting. I generally liked what I saw floating around, and got a much wider variety of assignments and blogs than the last time I looked around.

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And finally, by a strange twist of fate from the random post button…also on Alien

I noticed next week is claiming to be a little lighter than normal. I look forward to it.