A bucket list

Bucket List:

Successfully complete a “Eat the whole thing and your meal is free” challenge. – You never have to pay for a meal again, because you won’t feel like eating ever again.

Go Skydiving – Weightlessness? Screaming? Sounds good

Get struck by lightning – only so many people can claim they have done this

Get Struck by lightning while skydiving. – Self explanatory

Smash a stone statue – Of course not one that is actually in use or on display. I just always wanted to see on break in real life

Devote a really powerful supercomputer/network to just running an infinite loop- Bow before me my computer underlings.

Own a black lotus (the mtg card) – The legend itself, the ultimate nerd-have item that you don;t have to be a collector to obtain, just pretty rich.

Pass ds106 – This might be a problem at the rate I’ve been going…

Wear a fedora – seriously, one day I hope to be classy enough to pull off the fedora. Until I reach that level, I am not wearing it, it just happens to be on my head.

Write a rant book – because no one knows how to debate anymore, I will write a one-sided piece of literature that explains why people are terrible at arguing their views.

Week 1

Well, here we are 1 week in to ds106. Prodding around twitter and blogs (very clumsily, I might add), it would appear that there is a decent amount of flexing media muscles among the other ds106 accounts. As for my own endeavors,  obtaining quality youtube footage will definitely be a difficulty coming up. As someone as removed from the horror genre as I am, it is difficult to move towards non-comedy horrors. I will have to consult my roommate for suggestions of where to look.

Introductory Post

Hello, I am Jerome Mueller, a computer science and math major at UMW!

Canvas UMW eagle

I have no idea what makes an effective wordpress introduction, and am of the opinion that introductions are best made face to face, but I suppose given the circumstances that this will have to do…

Ah well, we have a whole semester, and gleanings of personality should eventually make their way through these posts…