Animating Morlium

As you can see, the animations were drawn by hand (err…computer-hand). The basic images, such as the trees and Morlium in different poses, were drawn using MS Paint. To mass-produce images for animation, there is a need for reuse. For the Dancing sequence, I drew Morlium in 7 different poses, then pasted those into powerpoint slides. Once in powerpoint, the images could be nudged and rotated to add further variety to the dance moves without having to draw an inordinate number of sprites. Once the slides were put together, you can save them as individual images by ‘saving as’ a picture format, and selecting ‘save every slide’ in powerpoint 2010. Then, I brought up Windows Movie Maker and pasted all the images into the pictures/clips area. Once posted in (with them all still being selected), I used the Edit (video tools)->time duration to make the pictures flip in relatively quick succession, giving the appearance of animation.

The Nyan-cat parody required a little extra effort, however, to insure that the scene looked correct. First, the observant watcher will notice that ALL the trees are actually the same tree, although some have been grown/shrunk across different dimensions to give variety. To get this done, I split the drawing area into 3 sections, the top, middle, and bottom.

PowerPoint show

The middle section is actually the same two pictures alternating back and forth. The top and bottom sections, however, are actually some 40 inches of drawn treescape. To keep the whole clip in sync, the top and bottom sections have to move the same amount as the middle section is suggesting. In my case, I found I could get pretty close by selecting the top and bottom images, then nudging the image 10 times to the left (selecting the image and hitting the left arrow 10 times). The result was effective, but again, the observant watcher will notice that it is not perfect.

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