Close Encounters

I was not sure what had…happened to me, all I know is that I was experiencing something I had…never experienced before. I had a vague sensation that I was…interconnected with electronics. As I would later learn, the information I rode eventually reached Asia, and thanks to my…disorientation, I was swept into a piece of hardware where I found my ability to act…severely restricted. It would not be until later that I learned I had ended up in a Zero Wing video game cartridge.

After a considerable wait, I felt a surge of…energy, and I was aware I was being observed. Unfortunately, having been idle for so long, I could barely…communicate properly, and my pleas that I was trapped in the cartridge came out…unintelligible.

Morlium Cats

Fortunately, now that the cartridge had power, I was able to…learn more about my surroundings. I won’t bore you with details you are incapable of fathoming, but I will say that I was…eventually able to make my way to the world wide web.

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