The Dark Origins of Nyan Cat

Once a wanderer…always a wanderer. I was wandering on a mountain of some game…called “SkiFree”. The particular computer I was residing on at the time was owned by a…certain environmentalist whose name I cannot quite recall. Needless to say, I was busy deforesting the mountainside when he…stumbled upon me. The sight of so many trees which he held dear being…utterly destroyed scarred him. In an attempt to cope, his mind edited the scene he saw to a more…enticing scene. The trees became fireworks, the stumps became rainbows, and I…well, I had already been mistaken for a cat(s) once…

Source: Villains Wiki (Originally appeared in Zero Wing)

The music was made to blot out the sounds of chopping. I must confess however, that I have…no idea where the pop-tart came from. Perhaps he was hungry?

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