All About Morlium

Who is Morlium? This video gives all that we can share about him.

Putting together the video was an arduous task. I first had to outline how the documentary would transition, then find clips and pictures appropriate to the narrative arc. I was able to extract general clips from youtube videos usingĀ clipconverter. I found the clips and pictures, but had to split them into enough pieces using Windows Movie Maker to give some change to the scene. Once I had a workable video, I again recorded a voice overlay on audacity while watching the movie. I stripped the sound out of the nature clips and reduced the volume of the static clips using the Video Volume option in Windows Movie-maker.

All in all, this is admittedly a rush job. I was unable to find some clips that I wanted, such as a first person view of running through the woods or some computer-modeling animation, both of course devoid of context-specific details. As a result, I had to make due with what I could find in the time available.

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