All Thine Bases of Operation

(A man in a suit and fedora stand before you, leaning on an axe)

Good Evening.

Many years ago, I found myself…in a world unlike…any I had ever experienced before. Trapped, I struggled to learn how I might…reach out again to this world. I have taken the liberty of…recreating one such attempt.

Morlium Cats

As you may have…imagined, my first attempt did not go over as well as I hoped. However, my actions sparked a…chain of events moving forward. It turns out my unique position has afforded me many opportunities to…make history.

The above recreation was created by…taking a marked up version of the picture and…undoing the embellishments made by the artist. It turns out that MS paint’s eschewing of solid brushes is…convenient for attempting to add depth to such adornments as bow ties.

I am not here to judge, only to state what is.

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