Wanted: Morlium, Dead or Alive

It looks like Morlium has a history…

When I saw the assignment, I knew it would be a perfect fit for getting a little deeper into the host characters. The character, of course, would be Morlium. As a practical consideration, I wanted clips low on volume so I could do an unmolested voiceover of a news reporter. This, combined with Morlium’s history in Alaska made nature scenes the natural fit.

This is the first time I ever edited video or put a sound overlay. I obtained clips of nature from http://thecliparchive.com/index.php?category=NPS. It turns out some windows computers, including mine have a moviemaker already installed (just search moviemaker in the search programs). Once inside, you can add clips to play one after another. There is a tab for video editing in which you can trim the clips to the desired lengths. Once the movie was created, I played it while recording a speaking part into audacity (so that my speech matched the video). I then exported the speech as a wave file. Windows Moviemaker has an add sound button on the homepage, which I used to insert the speech. Since I recorded while watching the video, the two aligned quite nicely.

I would have liked to put a little more into the wanted parts, but the assignment specifies at least 5 different sources, and I felt the need to give a piece with every scene change. In hindsight, most news reports care very little about what is going on in the video, so I may have been able to be a little freer with my speech.

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