We’re Going Down!

For this mashup assignment, we had to take two iconic movie scenes and mash them together.

My inexperience with media in general is a detriment to this assignment. Iconic movie scenes? None ring a bell.

I ultimately did find a scene I thought would be appropriate to mashup, this movie poster of a scene with the Enterprise crashing down to earth gives a plot of action and a convenient blank space to work a little magic, something where inserting something won’t make it seem crowded because if anything, the space is TOO blank.


So what to put into it? I didn’t think much of the movie itself, so why don;t we insert something that pokes fun at the plot? The Enterprise is crashing, so why not give it a reason to crash? I considered putting in a spaceship from some other series, like a star destroye, but ultimately decided that would be too expected. So, to keep with a somewhat comedic feel here, I bent the rules of the assignment and swiped an object from what I consider an iconic opening scene of one of the better TV shows to travel the airwaves:

So, I brought up powerpoint, indserted the movie poster in a slide, then a picture of the barrel monkey from the futurama wiki. Thanks to the raltively constant background, powerpoint had no trouble removing the background of the photo when I inserted it into the slide. Just to keep some perspective, I also tilted the image slightly. The end result:

Monkey Trek
I was relatively happy with the end product. I considered darkening the gorilla and planet to make it fit in better with the dark colors of the movie, but I also wanted to keep the lighter cartoony feel that the brighter colors provided. The ship is central, but the brighter color almost demands attention, but it is small enough to get second notice.

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